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Computer Recycling

As any company that relies on computers can tell you, they should be replaced on at least a 5-year schedule. However, such replacements have led to a new environmental term, “computer waste.” Old computer parts are quickly filling up landfills and are sometimes filled with hazardous and non-biodegradable materials. The worst part is that many of these machines could still have use outside of the business sector.

At Arsement & Hayes, we believe it is important to recycle these old computers instead of throwing them away, because it can solve two problems at once: computer waste and underprivileged schools.

The Internet has opened up vast education opportunities, because students are no longer bound to the information available in books—books that must be purchased on limited education budgets. Computers provide access to a wealth of free information, and they require minimal computing power to do so. This makes older computers a perfect candidate for schools: they are powerful enough to give the end user satisfactory output, yet are outdated sufficiently to be a practical donation.

Once you donate your old computers, our security professionals will completely wipe any storage drives on the computer, ensuring your sensitive data won’t wind up in the wrong hands. We then reinstall the operating system and appropriate software, before donating it to an underprivileged school.

Give your old computers new life and enrich the lives of eager children by donating your old computer equipment to Arsement & Hayes today! Contact us for details on how to get started.