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E-Mail and Web Hosting

Arsement & Hayes Professional Computer Services offers complete Web and E-Mail Hosting solutions for both large and small businesses. With our high-tech Server Computers and Fiber-Optic Internet backbone, you can be sure anyone visiting your website will have a speedy, reliable experience.

Advantages of our Web Hosting:

  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Spam Blocking
  • 99.9% Server Up-time
  • Multiple Power Backups
  • Server Redundancies

As a web hosting client, you will automatically receive an unlimited amount of e-mail accounts for your domain. E-Mail accounts hosted on our servers benefit from our multi-layered Spam protection, including both hardware and software anti-spam solutions, because we know just how much wading through hundreds of spam e-mails can slow production and increase e-mail response time.

Our servers boast a 99.9% up-time, which means your customers and potential customers won’t be left in the dark when trying to find you on the Internet. We utilize multiple systems of backup power sources, so regular power outages will have no affect on the reliability of your website.

But even if the server is powered, it can still malfunction, which is why we have redundant servers that are continuously backed up from the regular servers. If your regular server should fail for hardware reasons, a duplicate backup will be ready to take over without missing a step. Our multi-layered power and server redundancies will keep your websites from losing money while waiting for IT support to fix hardware issues that will inevitably occur.

Contact us today to discuss what web hosting package will fit your company best.