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Data Recovery

Did you know that deleted computer files can be recovered? Even if the hard drive has been wiped clean by formatting, the data can still usually be recovered. It is even possible to decrypt many encrypted files. Not only can this prove valuable when recovering family documents at home, it is even more valuable in a corporate environment.

Besides recovering corporate files that would cost more to recreate than to recover—like a database containing the year’s worth of payroll information from multiple offices—data recovery is typically used in gathering forensic data for use in civil or criminal court cases.

Forensic Data Recovery can reveal:

  • Visited Web Sites
  • Downloaded Files
  • E-mail records
  • Previous revisions of text files
  • When files were last accessed
  • When files were deleted
  • Attempts to tamper with potential evidence

Several high-profile court cases in recent years have proven the effectiveness of recovering forensic data from storage drives. E-mails can be recovered, sometimes dating back several years, as well as all types of files and web tracking data.

Forensic Data can also be used to discover employee work habits, by analyzing when files were accessed and what websites they visited.

Company E-mails are generally stored on a company server, which means that they can also be recovered, sometimes dating back several years, depending on how the company backs up server data. People generally write things in e-mails that they would never write in a memo, and thus recovering lost company e-mails can be the best way to gain insight into a legal case.

Whether you need to recover a few accidentally deleted files, an entire malfunctioning hard drive or forensic data from company computers, Arsement & Hayes has the solution for you. Contact us today to discuss your data recovery options.